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Why choose VAMPfit?

VAMPfit – locally Owned & Operated by Joe & Raquel Catalano

Our goal is to create a gym community that supports & motivates every member’s quest for ultimate health & fitness.

Everyone is welcome and catered for – from beginner to pro

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InBody Scan

The InBody provides an Accurate, detailed report outlining skeletal muscle, body fat, visceral fat, total body water, segmental muscle & fat analysis, bone mineral content, nutrition evaluation, hormone levels and many more useful measurements.

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Personal Training

Our PT’s are friendly, knowledgeable, motivating and fully support your fitness journey.  You choose your time and frequency. No matter what your fitness level, our PT’s will enhance and push you to the next level, motivate you & increase your endurance, strength & fitness.

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The saying “You can’t out train a bad diet” is very true! Nutrition is the key to health, fitness and weight loss or gain. Our nutrition plans are tailored to you, easy to follow and affordable. Please email below to enquire about pricing and availability. Or book and pay now online!

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We have an excellent supplement range at very competitive prices – along with helpful and expert advice available 7 days a week. We stock a wide range of proteins, pre-work outs, recovery, health foods, super foods and vitamin & mineral supplements.

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FIFO Workers

We understand that you don’t want to pay for your membership when you are away from your home. Out FIFO deals are the original and the best. We work out exactly what time you are away and apply ‘free time’.

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Infrared Therapeutic Sauna

Saunas have come a long way since hot rocks and steam. Our brand new INfrared Therapeutic Sauna will promote circulation and help your muscles recover. Purchase a 10-pack pass, pay for a casual session, or refer a friend and get a FREE session.

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Our Services

  • Metabolism Testing

    Metabolism Testing

    Metabolism is how our body uses the fuel that we give it.
    When we are young - (given that there is no major interference from genetic and/or toxic environmental influences) - our body is a wel

  • Supplements


    Exclusive brands that you wont find in other Franchise Stores

    + International Protein
    + BPM Labs
    + Prana ON
    + BPM Labs
    + Scitec
    + Ideal Breakfast Shak

  • Nutrition Plan

    Nutrition Plan

    All the training in the world wont get you to your goals if you don't consume the right food & drink.

    If you are striving for weight loss or weight gain - Exercise, diet and Li

  • INbody Scan

    INbody Scan

    The INbody 570 is superior advanced BIA technology that provides measurements and data analysis of an individual’s body composition including muscle mass, water, fat protein, bone mineral and much,

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  • “When I first joined vamp I weighed 70 kg and 61 of that was muscle. Now after 3 months of consistent work outs I have better muscle definition and weigh 78 kg 71 of it being muscle mass. I appreciate what joining vamp has done and will continue to do me. Thanks guys”
    - Mathew Sims
  • “I’ve been to gyms all over Australia and never been to a gym like vamp, the staff are great, it’s bright with a good vibe and makes you want to go, has everything you would want and need, go there anytime, also never been to a gym where the owner will go out of his way to show you around, get to know you, show you what products would work for you, that man is all about his members. EXCELLENT GYM!”
    - Luke Haeren
  • Best gym in Bunbury, wicked staff and a great place to get fit and a great vibe. If ya wanna get fit come down and have a look
    - Thomas Paine