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1000 sqm
State of the Art

Flexible memberships to suit you!

Two levels of high quality, fully maintained American Precor equipment
Gym and toilets professionally cleaned daily
Creche for busy mums and dads

Qualified Coaches

Experienced Male and Female coaches.


Body composition analysis.

Free Weights

Massive range of free weights.

Personal Trainers

Taylor Nelles Fitness Centre Manager & Personal Trainer

Originally from Canada, Taylor is a vital part of the Vampfit team. After finishing University in Canada, Taylor fell in love with Australia, bringing her background in administration and health & fitness to Vampfit. Taylor is also a certified Personal Trainer, passionate about helping her clients feel & look their best both mentally & physically.

Over a 1000sqm of high quality equipment combined with qualified advice on how to be your best.

Meagan Spowart Personal Trainer / Nutrition Coach / Group Fitness Instructor

My goal is to educate and inspire as many people as possible to realise that Health and Fitness is the key to a happy life. There is no magic drug or pill that can give you the endorphins that exercise can. My work is not work because nothing makes me happier than when a client works this out for themselves. Life is short, lets sweat and lift stuff together, and have a laugh while were at it!!!!

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Latest Equipment

Plenty of room!

Precor ATM's - Adaptive Motion Trainer

Precor Treadmills 885

Precor Power Racks

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